7 techniques to deal with viva boards

Viva tips . October 3, 2021 . By Biswas J

Bhaiba is another term used to describe panic among immigrants. No end has been reached in the doubts regarding how well-versed engineers will deal with the situation. However, with a little tact and a few fundamental concepts, the Vaiba experience will turn into a highly exhilarating sensation for you. Today, I’ve come up with some fast pointers on how to achieve that exhilarating sensation.

The first thing Viva requires is a well-groomed appearance. Board members must keep an eye on you from the moment they meet you in order to make an impact. “The first impression is the final impression,” as the adage goes. No matter how much knowledge you have, if your physical appearance is poor, it will cause an emotional reaction in others. As a result, you must be there in a formal dress and a stunning ensemble to be considered.

Mental perseverance and politeness

It is normal to be worried before coming to the viva board. However, you must calm your mind. Consider yourself superior to those who came here and deserving of the fight. If you are confident and able to maintain your thoughts strong, you will be unable to sit if you have some dread and doubt.
As a result, obtaining permission before joining the Vaiba Board demonstrates your civility and regal manners.

It is also preferable to sit with authorization. And don’t consider the questioners in front of you to be new. Assume they are your acquaintances and maintain a pleasant attitude regarding you.

Introduce yourself

If the questioner wants to know your identity right away, there’s no need to write a life narrative or introduce fourteen groups. As much as possible, underline your fairy name, permanent address, graduation content, and the institution from which you graduated. As an example,

When asked in English, “Introduce yourself,” respond, “I am Mr X.” You’ve come from Dinajpur. I received my B.Sc. in engineering from “Y” institution. “I want to devote myself to the field of electrical engineering for the benefit of the nation.”

That will leave an indelible effect on you. This question determines if you are a talker or a quiet person. Many people communicate fluently from start to finish. This topic, on the other hand, elicited a negative response from the Vaiba board.

It is forbidden to make physical movements while on the board.

And you can’t make any gestures when chatting. Many people shake hands or place their hands on the table while conversing. You must also be able to communicate fluently. Even if they can’t see your body language or mental condition, one will sit and stare at you. As a result, we must use extreme caution in these situations.

At Vaiba Board, there are various types of topical Q&A.

Some departmental questions may be posed to you. If you don’t know the answer to a question, simply say “sorry sir, I don’t know the answer.” Even if you have a hazy concept, there is no need to respond. Because if the idea is hazy or the concept is unclear, the question will remain unanswered when twisted.

And there is no way to be certain of the answer. This is a plus if you can answer three out of five questions fluently. It is preferable to deliver three fluent answers than to mumble through the entire response. And the questioners may wish to put your mental fortitude, patience, and confidence to the test, as well as make you nervous, speak in a threatening tone, or ask a question. It will not be disturbed in any way. You are unable to walk away from yourself.

On the Vaiba Board, you’ll be asked some unusual questions that will put your brains and decision-making abilities to the test.

What do you consider to be the most important aspect of your job?

My professional interests are in the field of electricity. Furthermore, money is required in the worldly sphere. At the same time, I have vowed to devote my time and energy to the firm and to the welfare of others.
A large number of eligible individuals are standing for or have already attended the Vaiba Board of Directors. What makes you think we should take you?

Of course, there may be more qualified candidates than me, but I have done my best to stand out from the crowd. I am hopeful that I will be hired for the position. The rest is up to the good graces of the almighty Creator and your own good intent.
Then you have a great deal of knowledge. The problem arises when you have a great deal of knowledge. It’s best to make a change someplace. Isn’t that right??

This question should not cause you any concern at all. Provide a direct response. Let’s pretend I’m a novice in this field. Every day, I attempt to learn something new and exciting. I’m interested in learning more. However, if you come up with something better, everyone will want to give it a shot. I am no exception to this rule.

Another question to which many people are hesitant to provide an answer. For example, would you be content with receiving a salary?

There can be no hesitancy in this situation at any time due to the fact that you must earn a living. Yes, however, in this instance, you must consider the overall quality of the company as well. Unless you work for a growing company, it will not increase your wage even if you want it. If the company is well-known and well-developed, even if you are a recent graduate, the minimum requirement will be Rs. 25,000/- per month. Even if it is a little less, it is still within the range of 15-20 thousand dollars. When it comes to experience, you don’t even need to say so anymore. You will be well-versed on how to conduct an effective assessment.
Please keep in mind that saluting at the start and finish of each Viber conversation is one of the signatures of your politeness. In the following episode, we’ll go through some of the most pressing Viber questions. I hope everyone has a good time watching this episode.