6 Common questions and answers in viva Board

Viva tips . October 3, 2021 . By Biswas J

In viva Board, there are six frequently asked questions and answers.

The term ” Viva Board ” refers to a state of extreme anxiety among newcomers. Consequently, I devised six questions and answers to help me overcome my phobia. Let’s get this party started.

1.Please introduce yourself

This is a pretty typical query, and any sibling will begin with it as their very first question.
However, in this scenario, if you deliver it in a professional manner, you will be able to improve communication with everyone on the board of directors.
If there is any other information that is required outside of the CV that is neither too much nor too little about yourself, it can be provided in this instance as well.

Today, we shall learn about seven such questions and their respective responses.When it comes to qualifications and achievements, the following are examples:

The response to this type of inquiry must be delivered with a certain amount of sensitivity. If the business is looking for a specific type of competent employee, it should offer itself in this manner. Demonstrating the appropriate abilities in this situation will set you apart from other contenders.

Reasons to work

Mention your accomplishments, talents, and expertise, as well as the relevant reasons for accepting the position.
Don’t focus on the responsibilities too much; instead, emphasize your enthusiasm for the job.

Concepts for the organization include

Before attending a job interview, it is critical to have a thorough understanding of the organization in question.
At the very least, the questioner’s question has the potential to be upsetting to the situation.
All of the pertinent information may be found on the organization’s official website.

Capacity to withstand additional work pressure

This is a key strategic question on the interview board, as it pertains to how to deal with a scenario when under time constraints.
It is necessary to consider one’s ability to tolerate pressure.

Bringing up the subject of inadequacy

Many people wish to avoid it, yet doing so can put them in danger later on. As a result, we must exercise caution in this situation.
When you look back on the next five years, where do you want to be?

This question is typically used to determine how much an applicant understands about their potential professional path. In this example, if you can demonstrate that you are ambitious, you may demonstrate that you are responsible.

The process of making decisions while working consists of the following steps

While on the job, this question determines whether you have the ability to complete all of your tasks quickly and efficiently.

Aside from that, if you are asked a question regarding your department and you do not know the answer, it is better not to answer it. In this instance, the candidate may be in risk if he or she goes to the questioner later.

So you can transform yourself into a worthy candidate by strategically rehearsing all of these questions before applying for the job and not panicking when the time comes.